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We will never take your site off-line or turn our servers off, but in case of weather conditions beyond our control there is the possibility of your site being hard to reach. But don't worry, even if a tornado attacks our server and whisks it away, your web page information will be saved. How? Your web site information is backed-up daily at two separate off-site locations, insuring that your information will never be lost. You may also request that a backup file be sent to you via email or FTP once every 3 months, insuring that you have a backup at your location as well.

If you change your phone number, or if you want your email forwarded to a new email address, don't worry that InfoWire will "nickel and dime" you for every small change. If you need to make a small change to your web page, we will update some text or forward your mail at no additional cost. The only time we will charge you a fee for updating your pages is when you want large changes made that will significantly alter or redesign the page.

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