Getting Seen
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Setup Fee:

$100 (includes first months rent)

Rental Fee:

$150 per quarter* (pay a total of $650 for the first year) or pay for the whole year at once and pay only $550 per year (save  $100, we waive the setup fee)

Setup Includes:

  • 1 email address at infowire.net that will be forwarded to the account of your choice.
  • A hit counter for each web page (if desired)
  • Up to 10 web pages designed to your liking (within reason)
  • Up to 5MB of server space of storage for graphics, pages, sound, etc. (Additional space is available in 1MB increments at an additional cost.)

Extra services available at $45 per hour (one hour minimum):

  • Custom web page design (beyond 10 pages in setup or new pages after setup)
  • Custom graphics (have your logo enhanced or animated)
  • Custom Perl/CGI Scripts

    * Please note that there is a different fee schedule and additional setup fees if you want your own domain (ie www.yourcompanyname.com) . Please contact us for an adjusted fee schedule.
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Want to contact us?

Just drop us a line at Webmaster@infowire.net or give us a call at 888-283-9700.